Kyoto Drive: The Approach

When a young band has touring credits with the likes of The Morning Of, Rookie of the Year, Mae, The Starting Line, and Hit The Lights, you probably should take a breather out of life to check em out. Kyoto Drive hails from Birmingham UK when in 2009, they started out at full speed ahead touring and producing music. In January of this year, the band lost their original drummer, but they bounced back quickly. With a recent signing to I Am Mighty Records, the band has a bright year ahead of them with plenty of touring. For now, we’re just going to focus on their mini-album, The Approach.

The album kicks off with an instrumental Receive This Little Breath that has a seamless transition into its lead up, Holiday. A somber beginning to an album, with soft vocals and guitars that are lurking in the background, admiring the view. For a three year old band, Kyoto Drive have their pants firmly around their waists. The vocals are just hollow enough to reflect the shining light that are the guitars. The drums are supported by a strong, sensitive bass line and the song feels like a mellow evening watching the sun go down.

So Much Alive is probably my favorite track off the album. The first song they wrote for the record, this song keeps its pace and your attention. I couldn’t sit still through this one. The drums are lively and the guitar work in this is wonderful. The vocals aren’t really what I’d expect from a band that produces pop rock tunes. Adam Binder almost brings an indie vibe to the sound with the soft vocals.

Breathe is the most up beat of songs on the album and it keeps you on your toes. Rightfully so, considering the topic (can you guess? I only know because of its description). Regardless of the topic of conversation, this song is pop rock at its finest – and again, almost a shock coming from a band with only three years behind it.

Chapters has a wonderful opening that feels as powerful as the song ends up being. Binder’s vocals are incredibly crisp in this number, feeling much like a Jimmy Eat World song in more ways than one.

Ending the album a little differently, the band busts out You Never Knew, complete with an intro on piano. I love hearing bands change things up while still feeling like the same band – it’s a refresher. This is a slower jam, almost bringing it around in a circle to the beginning of the album. Progression wise and musically, it’s beautiful.

This is a solid mini-album from a band I intend to keep a watchful eye on. If you want to check out the band (which I personally recommend you do), you can find them around the internet on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. And I won’t lie – some of these songs already have more than one play count on my iTunes.


Key Tracks
You Never Knew (track 7)
So Much Alive (track 3)
Chapters (track 6)

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