The First Impression Impresses on First EP

Beginning as a band as early as 2009, The First Impression didn’t get serious with their musical career until 2011. The Port Huron, Michigan, based pop-rock band recently released their first album, an EP by the name of Aimless Affection.

The EP kicks off with Memory of You, something that is reminiscent of the older pop-punk scene – think the likes of Senses Fail. The guitar is pleasantly making its presence known, backing soft vocals and drums. The vocals sound like something that would be heard around the Warped Tour 2004 or 2005 lineup. This song also happens to be Bieth’s favorite off the EP. “It defines us because the song is so full of energy and has that plausible alternative pop sound to it that you can’t all but help sing along and bop your head to the beat,” says lead singer and guitarist Tyler Bieth.

Killer Heart, their current single (available on iTunes right now), starts off slowly, but soon comes into its own when the chorus hits home. The sounds remind me of something of times past, which is particularly peculiar but the majority of this band is still in high school. “Being in high school while maintaining a band is a lot more hard work than most may think. We have to focus on our grades while at the same time focus on practicing and writing new music,” Bieth says.

The First Impression plans on making more extensive touring plans when they all complete their high school diplomas, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the shows now. “We can all agree that live shows are the best part about being in a band. The surprise and appreciation crowds have for us because of our talent is unsurpassable. It really boosts all of our confidence and drives us to look for more gigs to play at,” says Bieth. “Our favorite part about it is seeing all of the familiar faces of our friends and family that go so far out of their way to make it to all of our shows to give support and encouragement while we play”

Nothing to Say is undoubtedly my personal favorite song off the EP. The song as a whole reminds me of the pop punk genre that I’m so in love with, and between the great guitar work and the lyrics, it’s a home run. Bieth says that The All-American Rejects, Mayday Parade, The Maine, and Boys Like Girls are some of their biggest influences, and I can hear hints of a couple of those bands in this song in particular.

The band hopes to finish writing and record a new album this year. “We have already begun on the writing process and have about a good seven to eight song ideas and about five of them are fully or almost completely finished and ready to record and edit.” They’re also wrapped up in some Warped Tour excitement. “We’re in a competition to play at Warped Tour 2012 against 300 other bands in the area for the Detroit, Michigan venue. This would give us tremendous publicity if we could play here and all of our usual fan base have promised us that they would join us to come watch us play.” (If you’d like to see them play, head over here to vote!)

And what does the future hold for The First Impression? “We hope to get signed to a record label by the time everyone is out of high school so the label can better manage and promote our band to the public. All of us want nothing more in this life than to have a career making music. We don’t write music for the money or credit, but because we love it and it is our passion. Music is why we live and what we want to do for most of our lifetime.”

If you want to check these guys out, you can do so on their Facebook, Twitter, and official website. You can also check their Aimless Affection EP out on Spotify! I would recommend having a listen to Nothing to Say and going from there.

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