Justin Bieber: Believe

I have Bieber fever. Actually, it’s more along the lines of a cold, but it’s there. I think it started when Baby was out in full swing. When Boyfriend premiered, I was enamored. Now it’s time to take a listen to Believe.

The Biebs starts the album out with a familiar pal joining him. All Around the World is a dancey number with breathy vocals and a guest spot from Ludacris. While the two are fun together, this one doesn’t top Baby.

Boyfriend is an interesting departure from what Justin has been on his other two albums. I guess it’s a part of the tween star growing up trend, but this song took me a while to warm up to. It’s not really rap, and the majority of it isn’t really singing. Would you call it spoken word? I’m not sure. I just know the beat is to die for.

I adore the soothing sound of Take You. This song has more of an R&B vibe going on instead of the dance club hit sound. When you boil it right down, Bieber does have a nice voice that is pretty pleasant to listen to.

My favorite track on the album by far goes to Die In Your Arms. When I heard this song for the first time, I was instantly reminded of Motown acts like the Jackson 5. There’s just such a classic rhythm throughout this song. A synchronized dance could be made to this chorus so easily. I hope Bieber busts something like that out when he begins performing this number. It’s wonderful.

A surprise appearance from Nicki Minaj happens in Beauty and a Beat. The list of guest appearances on this album is pretty impressive, but I just never expected Nicki to drop a couple verses on a Justin Bieber track. This song is cute and catchy, though, I won’t even lie. All I need is a beauty and a beat who can make my life complete, it’s all about you when the music makes you move, baby do it like you do. Nicki comes in with her normal catchy-yet-funny lines. This is a homerun.

The title track is a song that Justin says he wrote about his mother. The lyrics are beyond sweet and have to make his mother’s heart swell with pride. It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor. You knew one day I would be standing tall. And just look at us now, cause everything starts from something, but something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me. Where would I be if you didn’t believe?

My favorite song that is included on the deluxe edition is Maria. The song starts out with audio bits of news clips (something Michael Jackson had an affinity for) and the lyrics go on to talk about the girl who accused Justin of fathering her child. It’s a sharp tongued song with a purposeful beat – and the whole vibe reminds me of the lyrics of Billie Jean. I’m a fan of this one.

Justin proves he’s maturing into a fun artist who can put together a really solid record. I know this isn’t for everyone, but this is actually really enjoyable. I’ve listened to Bieber’s others albums and I haven’t enjoyed one quite as much as I have this one. Two thumbs up to him.


Key Tracks
Die In Your Arms (track 8)
Believe (track 13)
Maria (track 16)

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