The Seasonal Affair: Home Stretch EP

I’m going to switch things up this time and do my interview-review combination separate for this band. I’m on Twitter (follow me if you haven’t yet) and I often surf through smaller bands on there – and sometimes bands will follow me or message me out of the blue based on another band I’m following. I got a message from someone in a band called The Seasonal Affair and since it was a slow night, I took a moment to go over to their Facebook page to take a listen. What I heard blew me away. I promptly replied and asked for an interview. These dudes were gracious enough to oblige and I am pleased to be writing about them. I don’t know if I can do this music justice with words, but I’m going to try. Check back tomorrow for an interview with these guys.

The Seasonal Affair have their newest EP, Home Stretch, up for free download on their Facebook page. It’s becoming more and more common for bands to do this nowadays, and I think it’s a great decision. Not only does it offer people a non-committed highway into new sounds, but since it’s free, more people are willing to take down that road. It’s hit or miss, but this band knocks it totally out of the park.

The Home Stretch EP kicks off with Follow Through, a powerful bulldozer of a pop-punk song that reminds me of greats like New Found Glory, Senses Fail, and A Thorn for Every Heart. I don’t use those comparisons lightly, but this group deserves all that and more. This song starts off by kicking you in the teeth and it doesn’t let up the entire three minutes and eighteen seconds worth of sound. The drums are unbelievable on this one and the rhythm will keep you nodding your head the entire time. Through my first listen of this song, I found myself routinely turning up the volume more and more so it could bleed into my ear drums little by little with every consecutive note.

Home Stretch is a bit slower in the beginning, but is so melodic in its punk tones that it’s irresistible. This track is clearly about touring and being in a band and it really brings the joy that this band feels toward the fans through this song. Make believe is what everyone would say, but we can’t live our lives without hitting the stage.  If every band in the world felt this dedication to shows and fans, the world would be a better place. It’s rare that bands can convey that love in one song.

Our Prodigy is up next and is the quintessential romantics of the pop-punk genre. The hard hitting melodies are still there, but sweet lyrics are draped over top for a little extra something. You and me, we’re prodigies, so simple and sweet. I fall every time we meet. So go, take you off your feet, I’ll lay you down to sleep. I’ll make sure that everything in your life is right cause you’re worth my time.

Mono has a different feel, almost a muffled or smothered sound. It’s slower, but it’s slow with a purpose. Hearing a band be so successfully versatile and being able to offer up different sounds and different vibes on the same album is what every band should strive for. The Seasonal Affair hits this one just as hard and just as spot-on as they do the heavier pop-punk songs on this EP.

Crawl (Your Way Back Home) is probably my favorite of the six songs. It’s a little fiestier, and picks right back up from the slow sounds of the song before. This song more than anything else reminds me of Senses Fail – both vocally and in the guitar work. The lyrics that this band writes are also pretty incredible. I’ve been impressed with each song on a variety of levels, but the lyrics really hit home in a couple of these jams. This is how we make believe, living life trying to chase dreams. No one can tell us any differently. Crawl your way back home and forget about me.

The EP wraps up with Disaster, which takes you right back around in a full circle to a song as hard as the EP began with. I have a feeling that this song would be pretty incredible to see live, just from the vibe and the energy that I feel sitting at home in my room alone while listening to this. Something about it is electric, and it isn’t just the guitars. I also feel like after asking the band some questions and reading their responses, that this song really reflects their outlook on being a band and how they feel about everything that they’re doing. Again, I’m impressed with the honesty that a band is able to convey in a song while maintaining their sound and keeping it interesting.  Stay away from kids who are liars. We’re so fucking tired of washed out sounds, they’ve been all played out,  just like these new albums – when will we all come around? It’s not like we’re playing shit you haven’t heard, just proving to you we’ll continue to work. searching our hearts so we can play this forever, and reasons to move on and make this seem better. For that or worse, we’ll do this together. The Seasonal Affair will never shout never. Can’t you feel it?

I don’t usually gush about bands – not unless I feel there’s really something there to gush about. These guys are worth looking into, I promise. And you can grab their album for free. What do you have to lose? Head on over to their Facebook and download that up and let me know what you think in the comments.

And stay tuned tomorrow for my interview with them!

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