Jimmy Fallon: Blow Your Pants Off

Most of the time, I can’t go to sleep unless I’ve watched at least Jimmy Fallon’s monologue. I love his show almost as much as I loved Conan’s spot at 12:37 on NBC. He’s always doing something that makes me laugh uncontrollably. Recently, he released a CD compilation of some musical hilarities he’s done on his show. If you aren’t familiar with what Jimmy does, you should become familiar with this disc.

It kicks off with Jimmy performing as Neil Young performing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When he does these performances as Neil Young on the show, he’s sitting on a stool with a singular spotlight on his guitar laden self. He has a wig on and a harmonica in front of his mouth. Just the image of Neil Young doing this classic Will Smith tune is hilarious – but Jimmy completely brings it to life.

History of Rap featuring Justin Timberlake is a favorite of mine and has been since they did the first installment. These two are magic together and this track is no different. They move through years of rap in a two minute and twenty-eight-second installment of this first piece of the History of Rap. They pull it off pretty well, too, especially for two men who are the farthest from rap stars.

Tebowie is also one of the funniest things I think Fallon’s ever done. If you know anything about David Bowie, you’ll be amused by this jam – and watch the video for extra hilarity. My favorite thing about this track is the fact that Tim Tebow himself told Jimmy that he “sounded a little flat” when he did the Tebowie skits. Oh really, Tim Tebow? Have you ever heard David Bowie? Clearly no. It’s perfect.

Balls in Your Mouth comes in as a commentary about the BP oil spill. Eddie Vedder is on this track and I can’t even say too much about it – just listen to it and you’ll be going around singing the chorus on repeat for the next thirteen hours.

Slow Jam the News is my favorite skit that Jimmy Fallon does on his show and there’s an inclusion of a rendition of this on the CD. Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News steps in with Jimmy and the Roots on this one. Brian does a “normal” news broadcast, Jimmy inserts sexual innuendos, and Tariq of The Roots sings up a summary. It’s hilarious.

By far, my favorite track on this album and of what Jimmy has done on the show, Friday takes the cake. Yes, it is the Rebecca Black song that I’m sure you love to hate. Stephen Colbert steps in for this one with a guest surprise from Taylor Hicks (of American Idol if you’re confused).  It makes the song far more enjoyable.

This installment of Jimmy Fallon musical performances concludes with Jimmy Fallon performing as Neil Young with an appearance from Bruce Springsteen performing as himself to the tune of Whip My Hair. Yes, I assure you it is as comical as you’re imagining. Jimmy’s impression of Neil Young is again spot on, and Bruce Springsteen brings that extra additive to this song to really put it over the top. To make this one count, search out the video. You won’t be disappointed.

I can’t wait for the next one of these CDs from the gang over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It’s chock full of quality musical performances that will make you laugh. What more is there to want in life?

Key Tracks
Friday (track 14)
Balls in Your Mouth (track 6)
Whip Your Hair (track 15)

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