Simply Undrea: Harmony EP

I have something special for you guys tonight – an exclusive from Simply Undrea. Her first album, Harmony EP will be released Wednesday, July 11, and you’ll be reading about it here first.

Simply Undrea, a solo R&B/Pop/Acapella act, has compiled an EP of five cover songs. Her music career began in high school without her conscious knowledge and has all accumulated to the release of this EP. Some of her inspirations include Jill Scott, Maxwell, Nobuo Uematsu, and Utada Hikaru. “I have a lot of inspirations musically, but I can always turn to their music – classic or current, – and get something different out of it every time I listen to any one of their songs. I think that what’s great about certain artists, their music is timeless,” Undrea says.

The EP kicks off with Blue Skies, a short but effective start to the album. It warms you up and makes you excited for what is yet to come in the four songs that follow.

Continuing with Late Night Driving, Undrea reveals sultry vocals that are unlike anything being played on the airwaves today. Her voice has a deep quality that contests the higher pitched female artists that comprise the majority of the front running of the music industry today. This vocal tone keeps her fresh and makes her voice memorable. I keep trying to think of someone to relate her vocals to and I really cannot. She has the tone and reach of Amy Lee, but in a different way. Maybe she’s a combination of Amy Lee and Melanie Fiona. That’s as close as I can get it for you guys.

Late Night Driving is the song off this EP that Undrea feels best represents her as an artist. “I feel that “Late Night Driving” captures where I am currently as an artist. When I was fresh out of high school, I did more urban records. But now, I’ve had time to grow and to find my sound. Doing this EP was a challenge and it forced me out of my comfort zone because its a totally different genre then some of my earlier work.”

Alien comes up next, bringing with it soft piano sounds and higher notes from Undrea. Proving she’s a talent to be watched, she successfully hits the higher notes while retaining a tone in her vocals that makes her unique sound ever-present. This track is my favorite off the album – the slow, soothing sounds fit so perfectly with her voice. This is something I would put on when I needed to kick back and relax and forget everything that was happening around me.

This Time Tomorrow follows and its sweet guitar notes fill your head as Undrea’s vocals carry you off in the breeze. The slow tracks with not as many musical instruments work with her vocals – allowing them to shine. They’re so powerful that they would take over the music anyway.

This song also happens to be her favorite off the EP. “Hands down, my personal fave is “This Time Tomorrow.” It was one of two songs that I did in one day. I remember clearly – the sun was setting and it was the last take of the day. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and started. When I got past singing the second verse, I realized that I was crying because I was thinking of my Grandfather, and the song really reminded me of him.”

Hazy wraps up the EP, kicking things up just a notch in tempo, showing more diversity in Undrea’s voice and the talent she possesses. This song ends the EP on such a great note – a song still with limited instrumentation, but a bit more up tempo to leave you with a sweet taste lingering in your mouth. “‘Hazy’ was actually the first one that I recorded. I initially heard it while I was watching a scene of the show ‘Dollhouse’ on Netflix. I kept rewinding the scene just to hum along. I couldn’t shake the melancholy feel of it, it stuck with me all day so I knew I had to add my vocals to it,” she says.

For a first EP, Simply Undrea has set a high bar for herself. The song selection was carefully managed and suits her vocals perfectly. The EP flows from one song to the next and allows you to really get lost in the music and the vocal work. Undrea’s voice is such a smooth, deep, rich sound that it’s perfect for these things.

Looking beyond the release of her first EP, Undrea already has plans going for the future. “I’ve collaborated with the great non-profit organization “Hold On Another Day” to release a single called “You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A)” The song touches on bullying and it has an uplifting message to those who have been affected. I also want to start the writing process for some original songs for my album.”

You can find Undrea on Facebook. Her EP drops this Wednesday, July 11! With her exclusive release with Back to the Music, she has also set up a link for readers to check out her tunes. Visit her BandCamp site to stream the tracks.

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