Beautiful Small Machines: The Robots in Love EP

Pandora really is one of the best tools for finding new music. Lately, I’ve had a hard time switching from the Indie Dance station (take a listen to this one if you haven’t before, it’s so much fun). I was listening the other night and found a song I instantly had to seek out so I could listen to it over and over. The song was by a band called Beautiful Small  Machines –  made up of Bree Sharp and Don DiLego, who met up ten years ago while working on a solo album for Sharp. After scrapping the tunes they were working on for her fourth solo album, they formed Beautiful Small Machines. We’re going on a trip with The Robots in Love EP.

Counting Back to 1 is the song that begins the EP and the song I fell in love with on impact. This number is so up tempo it’ll be hard to contain your feelings and energy. Even on my first run through this song, I couldn’t resist swaying and singing along. For the first time in months, I Googled this one for the lyrics. There are electronic sounds used, but they’re used so sparingly and only used to really enhance the music that’s already there. The sounds aren’t used to block out any lack of talent – in fact, the drumming is amazing and the vocals from Bree Sharp are just as soft as you would expect in any indie song. It’s fantastic and I am obsessed.

Robots in Love follows in the same vein. Great fun lyrics, music that you have to move to. There seem to be less electronic sound effects placed into this track. The band remind me of a female-fronted Hellogoodbye when they were still putting out quality tunes.

Super Conducter is so much fun it almost rivals the first track. The drums are so heavy in this number that it feels like you should constantly be clapping. Right before the triumphant end of the song, the band blasts into a brass ending that feels like robots are controlling the sound in your world. The lyrics live up in this one, too. I’ve got the frequency to turn you on.

So Long to U slows things down a bit, showing Sharp’s vocal talents in raw form, backed only by slow drumming, acoustic guitar, and sound effects. This band proves not every electronic act is completely void of any actual talent.

The EP wraps up with Servo Manual Chapter 1 (Mandroids on Whiskey), a track that really feels like you’re at an outdoor concert somewhere on Mars. This song seems to take on a robot as first person singing or making music. It’s an interesting song, probably something that won’t lose your attention any time soon. It’s very different, as one would expect considering it largely sounds like a robot singing I want to be in love with you. As different as it may be, it remains on track with the album and is a great way to end things.

I was impressed when I heard Counting Back to 1 on a whim while listening to Pandora, but this EP only makes me more excited for this band and for the music that they’re producing. It’s unlike a good majority of what I listen to on a regular basis and it’s something I can plainly hear the talent in and enjoy it all the while.


Key Tracks
Counting Back to 1 (track 1)
So Long to U (track 4)

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