Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: The Golden Year

Sometimes I feel like my listening habits are all over the place. Then I realize I really appreciate the way my tastes go (quite literally) from one end of the spectrum to the other. I get in moods where I only want to listen to one genre – lately that’s been electronic/pop/indie/dance or a combination of any of the above. I was introduced to Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and was blown away instantly by one track. I knew I had to have a complete listen to their debut album, The Golden Year.

You Started begins the album, with few easily-identified musical instruments. The music feels almost like the moment in your dreams where you’re slowly falling. If you could pause that moment and be completely coherent, I believe this would be the soundtrack. The lyrics are the stand-out of this track. You have started the beginning of my life.

The Key comes up next, switching gears a bit to include some instruments that you can detect in the midst of electronic sounds. This four-piece band hails from North London and has been making waves in the electronic-pop realm since their splash onto the scene.

These New Knights is the band’s next single. It’s a hard-hitting track that reminds me of She Wants Revenge mixed with Foxy and sprinkled with a bit of 80’s flare. There’s a hard bass line in this track that doesn’t leave you wanting more from the instrument as many tracks leave me feeling. The dark electroinc-pop sound is something that is as refreshing as it is coarse, vibrating against your being and forcing your head to nod along to the beat.

Dance the Way I Feel is the first track I heard from the band, and what a suitable introduction it is. It’s a fun track, very upbeat – exactly what you’d like to hear while beginning a fun evening or night out. This song is just so much fun that it makes me smile and I can’t help but turning the volume up more and more as the seconds tick on.

Answers slows things down a little while still staying in the electronic-pop universe with the hard beat. There isn’t as fast of a tempo and the lyrics slower, seeming a bit more stark and serious than some of the previous tracks. This just shows another side of the band – and another side that they can pull off.

The album wraps up with Next to Nothing, a heavy song with some great vocals throughout the track. This song is an interesting way to end things – the band keeps up the electronic-pop feel, but adds what sounds like violins on this one, leaving you reeling but satisfied. It’s a great way to wrap up a great album – something that will tune you in and bring you back around with one last spark of the unexpected.

This is a great album. Throw this on when you’re getting ready for a night out or going on a road trip with some friends. It’ll make you dance and shout at the top of your lungs.

Key Tracks
Dance the Way I Feel (track 4)
These New Knights (track 3)
Next to Nothing (track 12)

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One thought on “Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: The Golden Year

  1. Rae Quigley says:

    Reblogged this on Drunk On Pop and commented:
    I had actually never heard of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool before her blog post, but I ended up really liking their music. Even if their music videos are kind of strange… erm, interesting. Take a look at her blog and get acquainted with some new music yourself! Her style is really phenomenal.

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