Forever Came Calling: Contender

I think I’ve previously written praise for the blog Fuck Yeah Pop-Punk. Hold on to your pants cause I’m going to do it again in this post. I keep up with them on Facebook more than anything now and not only do they keep  me updated on a lot of news about bands I care about, but they give me a great outlet for discovering new bands. This evening, they posted that they were listening to “one of the best records of the year so far” and they were only “three songs in.” I was curious about this album, so I immediately took notice. Forever Came Calling is currently streaming their debut album, Contender, which drops Tuesday, July 24.

The album starts off with Learning, a track I was initially weary about. It’s more focused on the musical dynamics than anything. The vocals are muted, but that was probably the point as an intro track. Don’t get me wrong – the instruments are completely on point, it was just a strange entry way to the band for me.

They launch right in to For the Wolves next, a track that solidified my interest in the album instantly. It’s head strong pop punk that really takes charge. Sometimes bands in the genre seem to skip along, not really owning either side of the scene, but Forever Came Calling dive face-first and make a point.

Ides is one of my favorite tracks on this album. It reminds me of a combination of Four Year Strong and Say Anything – the hostility combined perfectly with the melody. It’s really what I love about pop-punk. Shake that up with the lyrics, and you’ve hit it out of the park for me. I did my best to keep all of your fucking secrets in but now they’re bleeding out from every god damn open end.

I’ll Be Better I Promise takes things down after two power house songs back-to-back. The combined vocals in this song gave me chill bumps on first listen and the guitar work is exquisite. It’s nice sometimes to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

The title track is tied for my favorite. The lyrics are sweet to my ears and tumble right over the guitars that are the wheels that keep this track going. This song is two minutes and thirty-four seconds of pure pop-punk bliss.

The album wraps up with Dead Poets Honor, a perfect ending to an amazing album. I keep my head low but you mistook that for my eyes closed. And I can’t stand this place that we’re from, and I can’t stand these things that I’ve done. This is a relentless track to end on. If I could pick a track to hear live from this entire album, I’d choose this one. The entire vibe of this song is so hard. I can feel the amount of talent that this band put into this album through this one song.

This album is seriously the best new album I’ve heard in a long time. They’re streaming it over on the Pure Noise YouTube account so you’re probably going to want to head over there. I’m left wanting more after the album, but I’m also strangely satisfied. Forever Came Calling went from a band I had merely heard of to the band who has recorded the best new album I’ve heard in months in a matter of ten tracks. This album gets two thumbs up from me. You better check this out cause I’m positive that your life has a huge hole in it where this album should be.

Key Tracks
Ides (track 5)
Contender (track 9)
Dead Poets Honor (track 10)

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