I Call Fives: I Call Fives

I feel like my life and my taste in music lately has been so scattered. Everything got derailed a few weeks ago and I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swing of real life. Sometimes you just need to go back to some solid pop-punk. I haven’t written about any great pop-punk bands lately and a certain band has been at the very top of my to-check-out list and I figure I may as well make that a reality. We’re going to have a listen to I Call Fives‘ self-titled disc tonight!

The album blasts out with Late Nights, a track that instantly connects me right into the genre – and then the band at large. This song really reminds me of New Found Glory if they were singing a track by Senses Fail. It’s got the right amount of rage and the right splash of annoyance to really bring it full circle for me. This is a promising start.

Obvious hits me with some lyrics that made me laugh out loud: I’d have to climb into a casket to get as low as you just went. Great pop-punk bands really bring out these zingers and it never fails to amuse or amaze me.

Two Sides of Every Story has to be one of my favorites on the albums. The vocals are strong in other songs, but really seem to be in command in this song. This is a very in-your-face track and I bet it’d be a blast to see live.

We Were Right Together and We Were Wrong Together is a short track, clocking in at one minute nad fifty-nine seconds, but is impactful in that short time. It’s hard to make amends when you turn your back on your friends. Also, can I get a moment of silence for the amazing title? Thank you.

The album wraps up with All You’ve Got Left. While it’s a bit slower than it’s predecessors, it’s a different side of the band that comes off successfully. The guitar work deserves a nod in this one because more than once it caught my attention by itself. The ending of this song, and subsequently the ending of the album, is so perfectly faded out with a repeating line that they couldn’t have had a better ending.

I’m glad I moved this band to the top of my to-listen-to list because this is a fine album. I needed some pop-punk to give me a swift kick in the ass and I would recommend this one with two thumbs up. It’s nothing but solid pop-punk fabric and it’s a raving good time. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Key Tracks
Sleep Well (track 11)
Two Sides of Every Story (track 8)
Backup Plan (track 3)

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