Crash! Radio: For You, From the Heart EP

I’m always such a sucker for great bands that are female-fronted, but if you hand me a pop-punk band that’s fronted by a female, I’m putty. Tonight we’re going to have a listen to For You, From the Heart, the brand new EP from Ontario pop-punk band Crash! Radio.

Be With You begins the EP like you’re hearing an old record player or television with some scrambling and tuning before the music kicks in with soft vocals and guitar strums. Instruments are slowly added over the vocals and the sparse guitar until the first verse jumps in front of you. The guitar work takes spotlight by a minute into the song, but then. Oh, but then the song really kicks in when the chorus hits you full in the face. The vocals and the lyrics are so on point that it’s hard to tear your attention away, even on repeat listen. The first chorus melts back into the next verse like soft butter and then floats, giving the song a new dimension after that first chorus. This band also knows how to work a drum kit into the song and inadvertently into your spine. Not only does it hold the song up, but it keeps you  nodding along, almost willing the song along with your mind. The band also doesn’t try for a pesky ending when it’s all said and done – the song just slowly disintegrates into the atmosphere with a guitar still buzzing and the sound of the drums echoing in your heart.

Walk Away makes its entrance next with a softer greeting. Again, the vocals melt into the song that then is layered on top of by other instruments. This song is a powerhouse, point blank. The lyrics mildly remind me of Destiny’s Child’s song Say My Name. The story paints a picture of deceit and a chorus that’s bittersweet. Now I’m here, writing you this song in the hopes that you may sing along to these words that broke my heart and tore me apart, yeah you tore me apart. And I want you to know, I wouldn’t have let you go, I would have loved you so, but now we both end up alone. Lyrics that are relatable in some sense – even if not entirely – are so essential to music’s general being in our lives. Isn’t that what we all want – to be understood in the simplest human sense? Crash! Radio really hits that note with this song.

Happy Hellos Are Sorry Goodbyes wraps the EP up with a song title that I could just eat up. The song delivers on top of the amazing title, giving a great ending vibe. Its lyrics are more upbeat than its predecessor and it has more of a carefree, let your hair down and dance vibe. There’s also a great breakdown that really shows some bass lines which always impresses me considering the largest part of bands don’t really feature the bass as much as they should. The song slows down and then picks right back up like a rocket taking off and soars for the rest of the time.

Even though this EP is just three songs, those three songs really make an impact on you and leave you wanting more. That’s an important part of bands, wanting more. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. The world needs more kick-ass pop-punk groups with female leads.

If you want to have a listen to this EP, head on over to their Bandcamp page. You can also catch up with Crash! Radio around the internet on Facebook and on Twitter by clicking these links.

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