The Monsters I’ve Met: Lights Out!

There’s really nothing I love more than opening up my email inbox and exploring all of the bands that I receive emails about. For someone who loves music as much as I do, it’s basically like Christmas every day. Today, I’m going to jump into an album from The Monsters I’ve Met, a metal/hardcore/electronica band who just released their first album, Lights Out!

Intro kicks the album off and sounds almost like the album is going to be instrumental – think Explosions in the Sky if they were dressed up as a dubstep impersonator. I wasn’t sure what was going on until the album launched into Sink or Swim in the most intriguing of ways. The song begins with the strange electronic sounds that carry over for continuity, but then blaring vocals invade your ear drums. Soon, the chorus kicks in and sounds like a pop-punk band you’d catch on a small stage at Warped. I wasn’t sure this band was anything out of the ordinary until I really got into this song. It’s really such a strange thing to mix electronic, screamo (is that what the kids are still calling it?), and smooth pop-punk. I know a lot of bands tried it when I was still heavy into this style of music, but none pulled it off quite like this.

The title song, Lights Out!, is where the money is. This was the first song I listened to when I was checking the band out and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by this number. I don’t know which part I enjoy the most – actually listening to some great hardcore tunes or hearing the strange mix of electronica and hardcore and pop-punk.

When Friends Become Phobias not only has an awesome title, but has a different vibe, which is impressive for six tracks. This track is darker, less on the pop-punk side, more focused on the other two. This song almost has an old school hardcore feel to it with the intensity of the guitars and drums at some places.

Throwing you for a loop one last time on Every Word You Said, The Monsters I’ve Met approach this track in a more melodic and slowed down manner. I can’t decide if this song is off-putting in it’s severe difference or if it’s a brilliant change to wrap things up. I’ll get back to you on this.

The Monsters I’ve Met is comprised of four musicians that are former members of bands like A Beautiful Silence, Bury the Gods, and Famous Last Words. They formed in January of 2012 and hail from Michigan. You can check them out – and listen to their album for free – on Facebook here!

Key Tracks
Lights Out! (track 3)
Sink or Swim (track 2)

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2 thoughts on “The Monsters I’ve Met: Lights Out!

  1. Rockability says:

    Thanks for blogging about independent music and mainstream too. I’ll look forward to your posts!

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