Don’t forget to support the bands you love and believe in!

Recently, I had some exposure to Kickstarter as my place of employment launched and successfully funded an amazing project. It’s a great place for people to come together and support a goal – and how fun it is to see the project through after it’s funded!

I don’t usually do this here – in fact, this is a first. I rarely make posts that aren’t album reviews unless they’re little messages or updates, but this is something that just struck me.

I was jamming out to The Dear Hunter today while I was doing some graphic design at work and I happened to tweet about it. A couple of hours ago, I got a reply from a band who will be heading into the studio with Casey Crescenzo in May to record their first full length record.

The Elephant Room could use our help in funding this album through their Kickstarter campaign. It’s so important to support up and coming bands that you believe in. I can never stress that enough. That’s why here at Back to the Music, I really try to write about a mix of people you know and bands you may have never heard of.

With programs like Kickstarter, we’re able even more than ever to show these smaller bands that we believe in them. This band has until Sunday, April 7 to reach their goal. Believe me – go listen to their songs on Facebook and you’ll see why I didn’t hesitate to donate to this Kickstarter.

Click here to see their campaign page, watch a video from the band, and read a little bit about their goals.


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11 thoughts on “Don’t forget to support the bands you love and believe in!

  1. strummedit says:

    Absolutely agree, some of the best music is made in bedrooms and garages and if you are really touched by an artist you have no qualms in supporting them to produce more. And what fantastic value for money if they produce a whole new album and you’ve contributed £1!

    • It’s beautiful to be able to support bands that you believe in and know that you’re making a difference. I can’t wait to hear what this band produces in their first full length!

  2. edpulse says:

    Great post! I can relate to it! Which is probably a good thing Because I just fired up my production and digital (for now) label. I’m very interested in this “Kickstarter”. I’d ask for more info but I’m already on their site. Lol Thanks again!

    • Kickstarter – and other sites like it – have become amazing assets! I work at an art museum and we funded a graffiti project with Kickstarter. I love how much it seems to have grown. Good luck with your label!

  3. Kickstarter is amazing! I chucked some cash in towards I is Another (who are well worth checking out –, brilliant shout about using it to support new music. As record labels continue to struggle in the digital age, a tool like Kickstarter can really help to push new artists. Cheers – great blog!

  4. My credit card and paypal account may not be fans of these initiatives, but it is brilliant. For one, it’s helping people to do what they love and secondly, there’s an immensely high feel good factor for the supporters, knowing that you’ve done something more than just buy a finished product. Pledge Music and Pozible are others that I’ve come across (particularly for music related endeavours) but not sure in which regions they’re operating

    In saying that, there’s an incredible amount of backlash against it for any number of reasons, the least of which being that it facilitates the creation of projects (specifically music from what I’ve come across) that perhaps may not be deserving or good enough…so effectively creating ‘bad’ music. Who are we to judge?

  5. So I’ve created a fan? Awesome! :D I’ve been listening to them for years, definitely worth checking out their other albums too (spotify should take care of that for you!) – also an incredibly good live act :)

    I would have considered some of the other support options if I was a bigger fan (e.g. attending a listening party) but sometimes you have to rationalise these things.

    • You have indeed! Supporting them in all kinds of ways :D

      I’ll definitely have a listen to the rest of their stuff soon. Spotify is so great for these things.

      Totally know what you mean. Some bands offer some really awesome rewards but there’s no way I’m able to fly out to a special show or something, so I settle for a wristband and a CD

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