Back to the Music is a journey through iTunes with the end goal being that coveted “1” next to every song on my list.

Writing is something that I have always loved to do – combine that with music, and you have my dream team. I figured the best way to capitalize on those loves and make a career out of it was to become a journalist. In the future, I’d love to work as an entertainment journalist. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and right now, I’m the Director of Marketing at an art museum.

This blog is my journey to keep my skills alive while I’m working in marketing and to rev up my iTunes that has been poorly neglected due to laziness and the lack of a good pair of headphones.

For more about this blog, and a little about me, please visit my introduction post here.

You are also more than welcome to find me elsewhere around the Internet, but especially on Twitter.

And you can feel free to email me at any time with comments, suggestions, recommendations, or just a Hello! at candaceasykes@yahoo.com.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the site, man. Keep up the great work!

    Mark Blasini

  2. Awesome stuff! We’re a Fort Worth, TX local alternative rock band. We just wanted to follow and connect with you. Looking forward to reading your posts and interacting.

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