Armor For Sleep: Smile For Them

I’ve done nothing but sand, spackle , paint and repeat for the past three days. There is paint in my hair, between my toes, and under my fingernails. I was trying to decide on what to listen to tonight, and Armor for Sleep caught my eye. I was big on them in high school and I’m pretty sure if my arms were teenagers, they’d be listening to something like Car Under Water and crying right now because of how much they’ve been abused lately. So I’m going to listen to the one album of AfS’s that I haven’t heard: Smile For Them.

Like I mentioned, I used to be huge on this band, so when I heard that they were breaking up in 2009, I was pretty bummed out. This album is the last one they made together, released in 2007. Right off the bat with Smile For the Camera it sounds different from what I’m used to with this band. It’s much heavier and not as death-centric as most of their other songs. In other words, I wouldn’t be wasting eyeliner due to tears from this one.

Thankfully for me (and my mood), Williamsburg picks back up the very familiar Armor For Sleep that I know. There’s just something about Ben Jorgensen’s voice that gets me. It isn’t the prettiest thing, but it’s so perfect for the whiny music they make. (I say that in jest because I do love them.)

Ah, the band really is back in full force in Somebody Else’s Arms: You’re gonna die in somebody else’s arms and I have to live with that. These are the kind of lyrics that drove my teenage years and I turned out fine.

Snow Globe is a slowed down, drum line one-minute-and-forty-nine-second good time. I was surprised when it went off so suddenly – and actually pretty disappointed. The band quickly follows it with End of the World, which has a heavier beginning than majority of the song. The lyrics in this song are stronger, and again, less whiny. These lyrics are almost hopeful – or as hopeful as this band could get.

Stars In Your Eyes will end up being my favorite on the album. A little heavier with such good lyrics happening, this one will be played more than once.

My Saving Grace has a really great feel to it – almost like a grand Journey song that may have fell off the stage prematurely, but it’s still a pretty great effort toward a stadium busting sound.

While Stand in the Spotlight does have some cute lyrics, it’s a rather dull song musically to end the album on. There were definitely some stronger songs on the album that would’ve been a better farewell, especially for the last song on their last album together. I hoped for more for an album ender.

I miss this band. Wikipedia informs me that some members are now involved with other bands and I’m going to scope them on Spotify.
Key Tracks:
Stars In Your Eyes (track 8)
My Saving Grace (track 11)
End of the World (track 7)

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